Butterfly Collection

Pink Butterfly String

A great wall or door decorator.

The butterflies open for added effect.

105 x 10.5 cms

180 baht

Butterflies in Flight

These butterflies can be purchased as a set or individually. Great on a feature wall, the butterflies are comprised of dozens of quilled circles in multi-tones.

large - 37.5 x 29 cms  260 baht

medium - 32 x 24 cms   290 baht

small - 30 x 22 cms     320 baht

Multi-Layered Twin Butterfly card

Mixed medium card incorporating saa paper, fabric and thread.

Plain paper insert

75 baht

Dignity Design

Patchwork Butterfly card

Saa paper card with plain paper insert

65 baht

Butterfly Circle cards

Detailed colourful butterfly designs inserted into circular cut out stock card. Plain paper insert.

55 baht

Thai 'n Tie card

This card will delight the receiver. Untie the ribbon and write a message inside.

55 baht

Butterfly Key Chains and Fridge Magnets

Never see your keys 'fly away' again -despite giving them butterfly wings!


Highlight important notes on the fridge with these

attractive reminders.

40 baht

NEW - Butterfly on Rose

To show how real looking our simple our exquisite hand crafted paper roses are, a butterfly rests on the velvety petals in this new creation

Butterfly and rose 90 baht

Butterfly on Rose Boxed Set

Using our latest rose and bud designs with every petal individually double dyed and shaped, this boxed set comes complete with a delicate butterfly

275 baht

Flying Butterfly Mobile

These concertinaed butterflies make a bright addition to a child's room.

150 baht 

Animal Mobile - Butterfly

The striped saa paper of this butterfly comes in a variety of coloured patterns 

Approx.55 x 39 cms

290 baht

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