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Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

with these great offers!

St Pat's models.jpg
Earrings dark 2.png
Earrings light.png
Earrings light.png
Earrings light.png

Shamrock Earrings

Specially designed by Sanit, these quilled earrings will complement any St Patrick's day outfit.

              G051-8DG                                G051-8LG                                                  120 baht  

Irish 4 cards.png

Quilled Greeting cards

10 x 15cms cards

Shamrock on green 

AC061-1       50 baht

Double shamrock on saa


AC061 -2      65 baht

Single shamrock on saa


AC061-3       60 baht

Shamrock on cream

AC061-4       50 baht


irish bookmark 2.png


A practical St Patrick's Day gift. 21.5 x 6 cms Made from saa paper

G071-1          50 baht

Light green ribbon

G071-2          50 baht

Dark green ribbon

For an extra 8 baht, we will print a label of your choice to attach to rear of bookmark.

irish bookmark 1.png

Key chains

Each key chain is packed individually with the sample label. If you would like a personalized label for a special event, just let your wishes be known.

G070-1   Shamrock…. 45 baht  


Irish two designs.png

Order NOW  in time for St Patrick’s Day celebrations!             

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