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Poinsetia - three.png
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Poinsettia large.png

Single stems

Perfect floral decoration for the Christmas season. Each petal and leaf is individually crafted with a wire insert to allow shaping of choice.

16 x 16 cms

120 baht

Poinsettia Wreath

Superbly handcrafted . This realistic wreath will make a stunning  door decoration or central table piece.

Measuring  35 x 35 cms, the wreath is                 boxed for transportation.           700 baht

Poinsettia Earrings

Complete your Christmas outfit with these quilled earrings designed by Sanit.

240 baht

 Christmas cards

The perfect cards for all poinsettia lovers.Saa paper with gold wire embellishments.

10 x 15 cms with plain paper insert.

Crackers group.png
Joy to the World No Crack Crackers - box

 Hand painted Poinsettia Christmas cards

Hand paainted saa leaves and petals with ribbon embellishments.

10 x 15 cms with plain paper insert.

Joy to the Earth

'No Crack' Crackers!

These attractive crackers  - with 'no crack' so as to enhance the spirit of joy - have a beautiful poinsettia three dimensional motif. They will enhance any Christmas table.

Each cracker comes with an inspirational quotation a party hat and a 'shop bought' novelty gift.

270 baht Box of 6

Poinsettia on wire in vase.png
poinsettia wire.png
Poinsettia gift tag.png
Advent chain box.png
Advent chain detail.png
Advent chain full.png
Advent chain open box.png


Wired Poinsettias

Every petal and leaf is individually crafted and wired for shaping.

The wired stem means they can be added to the tree, attached to a gift, put in the hair or simply placed in a vase.

11 x 11 cms flower / 12 cm stem. 

Individual 75 baht Set of 4 280 baht

Gift tags

Set of 4 saa paper tags with plain paper insert.

8 x 8 cms

150 baht

Advent Chain

It has limitless possibilities for use during the countdown to Christmas and assembly can be a fun activity for the family or a class at school.

Each link represents the 24 days prior to Christmas. Inside the link, you must decide what you want to do each day and write the corresponding action on the stickers provided in the boxed set. These are attached to the inside side of the links, with a link removed each day.

ie. Names of people – contact them/pray for them

    Acts of service – acts of kindness

    Inspiring words 

Collect the links and store in box provided for the following year.

                             122 x 19 cms                       

        380 baht

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