Great gifts    Card Packs  for every occasion


Give a selection of our most popular handmade cards to friends and families in these attractive new Card Packs

Each of the 6 boxed cards (15 x 10 cms), has a plain paper insert and envelope

Have a favourite design?

Ask us about packs with 6 of the same design.

Also, about custom printed inserts.

410 baht

US$ 13   Euro 11.50  A$ 20  GBP 9.95

Boxes contain one of each of the pictured designs, which are shown on the rear of the box

Thank you cards back.jpg
Condolance cards back.jpg
Christmas back.png
Mixed occasion cards - back.jpg
Card pack - Birthday.jpg

              G088-1                               G088-2                                   G088-3                                   G088-4                              G088-5