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Flight of Fancy
New Designs Collection 2019
Wall quilled butterfly large.png
Wall quilled butterfly.png

'Lifting Hearts' 

Delicate heart shaped petals lift from the saa paper  card giving a 2 dimensional  effect.

Designed by Faa

NB: All Hands of Hope cards come with a plain paper insert and envelope.

Lifting heart petal cards.png
Get Well cards.png

"Get Well Soon"

This card is sure to bring a smile to a

sick friend or family member.

Saa paper card with quilled flower

design and printed text. 

Designed by Bow

'Kwam Rak' (Love)

A delicately quilled flower design with paper tendrils  inserted into  card stock.

Designed by Gay

Floral heart cards - three.png
Booties cards.png


Perfect for a new arrival. these upbeat booties are just the thing for the patter of little feet.

Designed by Faa

'Dok Mai' (Flower)

Two quilled flowers in three colours.

Designed by Samorn

Dok mai 3.png

Perfect Peonies

  These realistic hand crafted flowers will  add   colour and class to any room and you don't need t      to  add water!

     Following the success of his rose collection last          year, Got has branched out with his designs of           peonies and lilies. Every petal is individually        cut, coloured, rolled, twisted and shaped. A            very creative process.

Peonies line.png

Lovely Lilies

Individual lily blooms

Designed by Got

White Lilies.png

Pink Butterfly String

An attractive piece to hang on a wall or door. The butterflies' wings open for an added effect.

Designed by Ning

Pink butterfly string.png
Pink butterfly string full.png

Rather than a 'flight of duck,' we bring to you ...

'Butterflies in Flight'

These butterflies can be purchased as a set or individually. Great on a feature wall, the butterflies are comprised of dozens of quilled circles in multi-tones.

Designed by Sangmanee

Wall quilled butterfly large.png
Wall quilled butterfly.png
Elephant Hook.png

                                       Elephant Key Rack

                                                 You might forget where                                                      you put your keys but                                                remember...'an elephant                                          never forgets!' Not only is it                                               practical but serves as a stunning                                          piece of wall art.

                                      Designed by Pik and Antonia

Elephant key holder detail 1.png
Quilled frame orange upright.png
quilled frame chocolate upright.png
Qilled frame yellow upright.png
Quilled frame purple upright.png
Quilled frame upright pink.png

Quilled Fun Photo Frames

Showcase your fun holiday snaps in corresponding fun frames.

Designed by Sangmanee

Dow's Owl Mobile_Orange.png
blue owl new.png

Owl Letter Holder

Two new owl designs feathered with Thai and contemporary fabric and saa paper.

The reciprocal for letters or important papers is expanding.

Designed by Dow and Chaon 

Animal String -frog.png
Tiger string mobile.png
Pig string mobile.png
Panda string mobile.png
Bear string mobile.png
Animal string mobile full.jpg

Our new Animal Strings can be hung in a room entrance or used as a wall divider. Purchased singularly, it is possible to have a 'reserve for pandas' or a 'whole zoo,' ordering one of each animal.

Designed by Jiem

Keychains - group.png

Zoo Critter Key Chains also designed by Jiem

Cat and dog keychains.png

Cute Key Chains

For pet lovers, these key chains will be a winner.

Designed by Jaruat

Quilled Wreath and Snowflake

Ornament Cards

Exquisite quilling once again from the hand of  Vee. She has designed a quilled ornament which serves first as a card and can then be detached by the recipient to hang on a tree or 're-gift' it by attaching it to a present for someone else.

Joy to the World No Crack Crackers - box

No Crack Crackers  -   'Joy to the World'

Following the popularity of our 'Peace on Earth' crackers that have sold continuously for 13 years, we now have a new selection.

These attractive crackers  - with 'no crack' so as to enhance the spirit of joy - have a beautiful poinsettia

three dimensional motif. They will

enhance any Christmas table.

Each cracker comes with an

inspirational quotation, a party

hat and a 'shop bought' 

novelty gift.

Designed by Got

Crackers group.png
Wasana's Christmas.png
Vee's Quilled Christmas Cards.png

'Thai Santa', 'Thai Deer', 'Thai Tree'

Christmas cards

Combining fabric with saa paper, Wasana  has designed five new cards with detachable ornaments. The cards double as gifts!

Gay's double white.png

'Double White'

A simple but striking idea. Stark white designs are cut in layers using our textured saa paper

Designed by Sirisopha

For Christmas 2019.......

Two unrelated but equally attractive cards...

Holy family card.png

          'Thai Holy Family'

Designed two years ago  and sent in printed form with our Christmas message, this card was 'resurrected' through the request of a customer and is now being produced. Using Thai fabric on saa paper, there's no confusing its country of origin.

Designed by Antonia

Layered Christmas Tree

This fun card is sure to bring festive cheer. A clever technique of folding and overlapping each tree section, with a string of bunting adding an extra dose of joy.

Designed by Gay

Layered tree card.png
Tree bells.png

Just when you thought you had every tree decoration possible from Hands of Hope, Sanit has designed a new one!

Her 'Tree Bells' are delightful in three colours which can be purchased in one packet or bought separately.

And while you're making room for Sanit's tree bells, surely you can find a spare branch for Gay's 'Concertina Angels'!

Each angel is folded and cut before a gold disc is attached, providing the perfect head.

All six bright colours in one pack.

2 Concertina angels group final.png
poinsettia wreath_edited.png

Poinsettia Wreath

Each poinsettia flower and leaf is individually made, giving a realistic finish. Use it yourself or gift it to another.

Designed by Got

Poinsetia - three.png

Star Bunting

A simple but striking decoration

Designed by Jiranun

Poinsettia Perfection

Individual poinsettia flowers for floral decoration in the Christmas season

Designed by Got

And now for something completely different......

'Advent Chain'

Always looking for new inspiration, this product was suggested to us by our volunteer, Elsie. It has limitless possibilities for use during the countdown to Christmas, and assembly can be a fun activity for the family or a class at school.

Each link represents the 24 days prior to Christmas.

Inside the link, you must decide what you want to do each day and write the corresponding action on the stickers provided. Each day, you remove a link and perform the action written on the sticker inside. (ie. contact/pray for a specific person; perform an act of kindness; reflect on an inspiring quote

Designed by Antonia and Got

Advent chain box.png
Advent chain detail.png
Tree angels.png

Tree Angels

Complementing the earlier quilled tree decorations, Gay has designed these quilled angels 

Bauble Gift Tags

Based on her Christmas card designs, Jiranun has created these gift tags

Tree baubles.png
Advent chain full.png
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